"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Blessings

On Tuesday I attended a Joint Council Committee at the Newmarket Administration Centre. I used two canes to navigate. I walked further than I had before with the canes. I was so pleased with my progress I walked some more at a shopping c entre. When it came to attending the town's general committee meeting in the evening, I couldn't. My arms were trembling, my hands shaking and I was cold all over. I had over-extended myself.

Yesterday, Friday, a beautiful day, I tackled the steps from the deck and did a couple of hours of weeding. The chair and cultivator had been set in place and beckoning me for a week. It was a day of accomplishment.

Since using the canes and abandoning the walker, I can walk several short steps independent of support. It is two months since the surgery. I dont know if that is good or poor progress because everyone I have asked has difficulty remembering their own timetable.

I am noting my progress for the benefit of anyone who might be contemplating the surgery. I thought I would be able to attend my grand-daughter's wedding two weeks after the surgery and it would just be a matter of willpower.

Obviously, I was wrong.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't Forget Possible!

My mother was born in 1902. The amenities of the day were oil lamp lighting, water from a common spigott in the yard carried indoors in a bucket and heated in kettles on the coal range. Bath-time was once a week.; Except for Grampa, a coal miner. For the rest of the family bath time coordinated with wash day when there was ample hot water from the boiler in the wash-house in the yard,.

Daily ablutions were perfomed in the house from a basin at a wash stand. My mother often recalled Grannie's admoniton:.

"Wash down as far as possible and up as far as possible", then with her finger raised, "Don't forget possible!"

The first seven years of my life were much the same as my mother's. except that we had a sink and cold water faucet in our home and gas lighting . My memories are clear.

I can now shower without needing someone else in the house. I can stand easily and wash possible. I have never taken modern amenities for granted. Since the surgery more than ever before.. I consider experience as a profound asset.

I am driving, shopping, attending meetings,still walking with support and blogging.

My grandparents would be amazed and amused.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


In terms of my recuperation,every day is better than the one before. I've stopped trying to pin people down to when exactly they walked without support. I know it's coming. I had no such confidence before.I can now lean forward to the bath faucet and stand easily to adjust the shower.

I have been shopping and eating out. I attended a council-in-committee meeting.I intend to attend the office of the Director of Corporate Services to find out what transpired at the in-camera sessions. Apparently the Mayor has given orders to councillors the information is not to be shared with those who were not at the meetings.That was myself and Councillor Collins-Mrakas. The Mayor did offer to come to my home and give me the information. I did not accept .

But best of all,my muse has returned . I have resumed my relationship with Blog.

I was frankly shattered to discover how physical limitations affected my psychological equilibrium. I do not expect my outlook will ever be the same again. But that's the effect of life experience. I now have a sense and an overwhelming empathy for people who are powerless
for whatever reason.

Adam had a great summer. He was a star at the two family weddings. Nobody who saw him perform his break dance routine will ever forget his energy and sheer joy in living. Four
cousins in his age group joined him on the floor and delighted the entire gathering with moves that even they didn't know they had .
Aunt Theresa told young Mark, "I never realised you could dance like that" He answered" Aunt Theresa, I didn't know myself until I did it."Clearly, Adam was the inspiration.

They were indeed a merry throng.

Adam travelled to various tournaments in Special Olympics. His baseball team came first in the final competition which means he will travel to next year's Special Olympics in Windsor.

The only cloud in his life at the moment is not having a meaningful purpose in his day. A couple of years Ago the Province approved a program called Passport. It allows parents to seek out meaningful activities for their special needs young adults. It's a great program. Since the year it started ,no new funds have been made available.

Adam will attend a program in Aurora two days a week.It provides an opportunity for work experience and maintaining literacy skills. It will cost his parents $400. a month. Because of Adam, theirs is a single income household.

Parents who were fortunate to obtain funding at the beginning of the program continue to have funding.. Others ,like Adam,who came of age later , do not.For them ,it will mean they will simply spend their days without meaningful activity and without the opportunity for growth that is every person's right.Adam had that until he graduated from high school. That was a year ago.

He has progressed. He discovered if he didn't go out everywhere with his mother, he could go out alone after she left. They live handily to the commercial centre of Newmarket. Adam goes shopping with his money card. The last time he favoured Wallmart with his business. When he paid for his shopping ,he was asked if he wanted cash back. He asked for forty dollars and went to MacDonald's and had lunch.

He also has some extravagant tastes.He completely understands the selection of video games available. So he is no longer free to choose whether to stay home alone until the van disappears down the street.